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Metcalf Entertainment Intelligence (MEI) Services - Empowering Entertainment Professionals with Expert Research and Consulting


Get expert entertainment research, analysis and advice that gives you the competitive edge in the entertainment industry.  We offer an impressive portfolio of professional consulting services that are completely customizable for your business. Whatever your research needs may be, we can make it happen.  

Data Organization Service by Metcalf Entertainment Intelligence (MEI) - Streamline Your Insights, Including Nielsen Reports

DATA ORGANIZATION: dashboards, reporting tools

  • Dashboards designed to fit your needs to make decisions and take action.

  • Dashboard reporting tools are analytics solutions that allow users to extract, monitor, analyze, visualize, and interact with data on a single screen where they find detailed information about business performance which helps them to easily accomplish objectives.

Custom Analysis Service by Metcalf Entertainment Intelligence (MEI) - Tailored Insights, Including Nielsen Reports, for Your Entertainment Business

CUSTOM ANALYSIS: forecasting and decision modeling

  • Imagine being able to pull data together in a way that people can digest it. Then be able to forecast and plan from it. 

  • Decision-analytic models provide a framework for compiling clinical and economic evidence in a systematic fashion, determining your product's value, and communicating that value to decision makers.

Custom Analysis
Primary Research Service by Metcalf Entertainment Intelligence (MEI) - In-Depth Insights, Including Nielsen Reports, for Your Entertainment Business

PRIMARY RESEARCH: surveys, focus groups, tracking

  • Surveys and data collecting can be daunting. Let our team of experts plan, execute, and deliver results for you. Allowing you more time to dedicate to other areas.


  • Understand your audience with our customized blend of Quantitative and Qualitative research studies. Quantitative projects such as surveys and tracking studies reveal what audiences think about programs or genres. Qualitative projects such as focus groups or in-depth interviews bring the survey results to life by revealing context, nuance and individual detail.

primary research

Examples of Client Challenges & How MEI Can Help

Metcalf Entertainment Intelligence (MEI) - Navigating the Entertainment Landscape with Strategic Insights and Expert Analysis


MEI - Where Data Meets Vision: Illuminating the Entertainment Horizon with Strategic Insights


The studio, streamer or network at the other side of the negotiating table will have a mountain of data in its arsenal. You don’t need a ton of data, you only need a few nuggets of compelling insights to win the battle for you client.


Metcalf Entertainment Intelligence (MEI) - Shaping Tomorrow's Entertainment Today, Unveiling the Power of Analytical Excellence.


There are thousands of shows on, but the one that really matters is yours. The one you or your client created. The one you wrote or directed or starred in. Access detailed analysis and surveillance of the shows you are most interested in.


Empower Your Vision with MEI - Metcalf Entertainment Intelligence - Crafting Tomorrow's Entertainment Landscape Through Expert Analysis.


Although the TV environment has never been more complicated and fractured, you don’t need to understand everything that is going in in the world of TV and streaming – you just want to know about your niche.

For clients outside the entertainment industry, Mitch also provides research consulting at Benchmark Research LLC.

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