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Metcalf Entertainment Intelligence (MEI) Services - Empowering Entertainment Professionals with Expert Research and Consulting


Get expert entertainment research, analysis and advice that gives you the competitive edge in the entertainment industry.  We offer an impressive portfolio of professional consulting services that are completely customizable for your business. Whatever your research needs may be, we can make it happen.  

Examples of Client Challenges & How MEI Can Help

Upcoming Negotiation

The studio, streamer or network at the other side of the negotiating table will have a mountain of data in its arsenal. You don’t need a ton of data, you only need a few nuggets of compelling insights to win the battle for you client.


  • What is your client really worth? How does your client compare to other success stories? What are the unique strengths of your client’s audience? What value does your show bring to its streamer or channel?


  • MEI will cut through the mountain of TV and streaming data and identify the valuable nuggets and insights for you.


  • Whether you are looking for an additional season, additional episodes or an extra 20% in fees, insights based on actual viewing data from a trusted third-party measurement service can be the missing ingredient. MEI can help. Contact us today.

Tracking Your Show's Audience

There are thousands of shows on, but the one that really matters is yours. The one you or your client created. The one you wrote or directed or starred in.


  • Detailed analysis and surveillance of the shows you are most interested in.


  • Series highlights, season highlights, episode highlights or even individual minute highlights.


  • Not just the size of your audience but a deep dive into the profile of your audience. For example, a small audience is still extremely valuable if it is upscale or an audience that doesn’t otherwise watch the streamer or channel.


  • Or your show might play on multiple platforms. Stay constantly updated on the performance of each additional airing or release.


MEI will design a custom package of regular reports to track your show, tailored to fit your needs and budget.

Understanding Your Competitive Landscape

Although the TV environment has never been more complicated and fractured, you don’t need to understand everything that is going in in the world of TV and streaming – you just want to know about your niche.


Your competition and your playing field might be one specific program genre. Or it might be a set of channels or services. Or it could be a particular target group of viewers. MEI can cut through the noise and give you the select you information you need.


  • First, MEI works with you to define your specific interests and must-haves.


  • Next, we design a report or set of reports tailored to your needs.


  • It can be a one-time transaction or the information can be updated on a schedule that works for you. Weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly – that’s up to you and your budget.


  • Who is watching what? What are the trends? What are the opportunities – what shows are not being offered currently?

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